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Installation Process

Our sane installation process — the secret to reducing business disruption when installing a phone system.

Let’s face it.

Installing a new business phone system can cause your business a great deal of worry and stress.

  • How much disruption will you endure?
  • How much business could you lose?
  • Will it take longer than planned?
  • Will it end up costing me more than the quoted amount?

We both know technology projects are notorious for going over time and over budget. Over our years in business we’ve developed what we call our ‘Sane Installation Process’ to make sure all the bases are covered.

We promise the least possible business disruption during your phone system installation, and we do it using these proven steps:

Step 1: The Front End Package
Step 2: The Project Overview
Step 3: The Site Survey & Pre-Installation Checklist
Step 4: The Installation Mock-up
Step 5: System Installation & Training
Step 6: Post-installation Follow-up

Step 1: The Front End Package
The Front End Package is unique to DC Tel. We want to find out more than what telephones and systems you need. We look for ways to help your business be more profitable and to see if a simple technology could give you a competitive advantage. The Front End Package gives you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Step 2: The Project Overview
To make sure you’ve been heard and that your needs have been addressed, we deliver a Project Overview. This document ensures that what we are proposing represents your goals for the project, including the costs and the savings you will enjoy after installation. Putting that back to you in writing makes sure we’re both on the same page.

Step 3. Site Survey & Pre-Installation Checklist
A customer service rep will visit your site, and referencing the project overview they work with the people that will be using the system to ensure location specific needs are addressed. This extensive checklist ensures phone system operation is defined and understood. Things like which phones ring, who has voicemail and who doesn’t, what happens when a phone isn’t answered are all discussed and documented for reference by the installation team.

Additionally, we check things like a) is there power where the main system will be installed b) are there are enough wires to connect things together, and other such technical requirements. Going through the checklist makes sure there are no surprises or delays on installation day.

Step 4: The Installation Mockup
This is where we ultimately save you time and money. Our technicians set up and run your system in our test environment so it will be “burned in” before installation at your site. If there is an equipment problem, it’s most likely to appear within the first two days. So setting up and running your system helps us address any potential problems before we turn up to install the equipment at your business. This helps make sure installation day goes smoothly.

Step 5: System Installation & Training
The big day arrives and our installation team arrives to install your system. With the steps taken to get to this point installation day goes smoothly with minimal interruption to your business.

Once the system is ready for use we provide hands on training to your team, showing them how to efficiently use the system. During training, each employee receives a DC Tel designed “cheat sheet” of the most commonly used features. We also provide you with access to our online series of training videos so you don’t have to call us each time you need to do something you haven’t done before, or use a feature you haven’t used in a while and don’t remember how.

Participants in the Partner Program have access to additional onsite training any time you need it, for new staff members for instance.

Step 6: Post-installation Follow-up
Your system is installed; you’ve been using it for about a week. At this point we complete the installation by contacting you and completing our Post Installation Checklist. This checklist ensures we have adhered to DC Tel standards, which have been developed over decades of experience to ensure the best possible results.

We also configure your system for remote access so we can help you quickly address simple problems like locked voice mailboxes without sending a technician.

By using this sane installation process we install your system with the least amount of disruption to you, your employees and your business….and that’s how we ensure your satisfaction, and value for your money.

Call us now to enjoy the same sane installation process for your new phone system.

PS. Don’t forget to ask about our DC Tel Partner Program
As long as you belong to our DC Tel Partner Program, you will always have access to additional assistance and more. It has plenty of benefits. Just call us so we can tell you how!

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