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Before You Move

Things to consider when moving your business

Have you planned/arranged to move your phone system?
It can take a lot of time for the main Telco's (Telus/Shaw/etc) to schedule your move order, sometimes your due date can be weeks away. Make sure you contact them at least 90 days in advance. If you need help getting your orders placed let us know.
Do you know where all the components of your system are?
We have often been called by clients who moved their phones, but left the control unit behind. There are many components of a phone system that all need to move to the new location. If you're unsure of what needs to be moved, call us for a no charge equipment audit so nothing gets left behind.
What about your computer network?
Just like your phone system, there are also many components to a computer network. Leaving even one piece behind can cripple your business. Once again, if you're unsure of what needs to be moved call us for a no charge equipment audit.

Also, dropping your computer equipment into a box and stuffing it in the back of a truck can damage computer components. You should consider having your computer equipment moved by IT professionals.
Do you know if your phone number can move to the new location?
Sometimes, just moving across the street means your phone number can't be moved by Telus/Shaw/etc. There are ways you can keep your phone number in these situations, call us for a no charge consultation.
Do you know how to place the move order with the telephone company
Getting your services moved correctly can be a challenge. We've seen customers with 6 lines only have 1 line show up at the new location on moving day or the lines are moved to the wrong location. It takes weeks to get this corrected. What impact would that have on your business? Making sure your orders are placed correctly is critical to being back in business at the new location.

7 Disasters to Avoid When Moving Your Phone System 7 Disasters to Avoid When Moving Your Phone System (106 KB)

Do You Need Help?

Call us at 604-533-4477 or fill out this form to arrange a No Charge consultation

We will:

  • Identify all the components that need to be moved so that nothing is missed
  • Review your existing phone company services to identify what needs to move, what can't be moved, and what could be dropped.
  • Guide you in placing your move order with Telus/Shaw/etc so your services are moved smoothly and correctly, and are working when you get to the new location.
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