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Forget To Plan the Move of Your Phones When YOU Move - Will Be A Disaster

Paul Moffatt - Friday, September 25, 2015
Forget To Plan the Move of Your Phones When YOU Move - Will Be A Disaster

We received a call from a local company that had been without phone and internet services for 3 weeks. Could your business survive that?

We have been helping a local company struggling to stay in business for 3 weeks. The day they moved no telephone or internet Services were available. They moved into a new building and no one “thought” about how to get services. On the day of the move there were few options available to them.

Customers were not able to contact the company by phone OR email.

The owner of the company was panicking. No one could get through to them, they had left their current location with no one able to answer the phones. Most of their business came in over the internet and was very time sensitive. Business was definitely being lost….and when customers did finally get through to them they asked out loud if the company was still in business.

What went wrong?

The company did not follow a checklist like the one we offer. They made the assumption that telephone and internet services were easily available everywhere. This is not always the case. Especially in new buildings, old neighbourhoods or even new neighbourhoods.

What happened next.

We got the original call from a friendly competitor who thought we might be able to help his customer. We came up with an emergency plan and implemented a wireless smart hub for both internet and telephone lines. This allowed the company to at least receive phone calls and it provided them with the critical internet access where most of their business comes from. The problem was, the company was using the internet so heavily that phone calls were poor quality. But at least they knew who was calling and could arrange to call them back from a cell phone.

The next day, an additional smart hub was purchased, and the telephone service was separated from the data usage. This helped speed up the data and improved the voice quality, but it was still a lot of pressure for a cellular service like this, and signal strength is low in the area their business was moving to.

Finally regular services arrived from Shaw and Telus

Shaw actually had to bring new cable service to the building. They had to get the appropriate permits from the city, which can take a long time, and it doesn’t help when when everyone is under pressure. Telus was faced with a bit of a mystery for how to make their connections and finally figured out that their services needed to terminate in the older building on site and would then be run to the “new building” on a new cable. It took a lot of time.

Make sure this never happens to you!

The first step on our checklist is for our customers to confirm with their phone service provider(s) that service is available where they are moving to. 

  • Shaw is not in every building in town. They often have to do an expensive build out, or turn down providing services all together.
  • Telus is in almost all buildings, but their basic high speed services are distance sensitive. At this particular location they could not provide adequate speeds.

So in the end this company had to wait for their only available option, which was to wait until Shaw was able to provide service.

Please, when you are moving make us one of your first calls. We take care of moving this technology all the time and will make sure your technology move goes as smooth as possible.

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