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Increase your Sales by Integrating Your Mobile Phone with your Desk Phone

Paul Moffatt - Friday, October 09, 2015
Increase your Sales by Integrating Your Mobile Phone with your Desk Phone

How many Sales did you lose because the Customer couldn’t get hold of you? One of our customers lost a very large deal because their long term customer couldn’t get hold of the outside Sales Rep. The Company had a policy of not giving out cell phone numbers of their staff. They wanted a solution so that this would happen again

The problem was the customer needed their product urgently. They were out of stock themselves so they called the closest competitor and had the order filled immediately. This had been a very loyal, long term customer who now started to use the competition from time to time.

The reason the company did not give out cell phone numbers was the Reps “owned” their phones personally. If they ever left the company the fear was the customer would follow the Rep. because that was the number they were used to calling

How did we solve the problem?

When they implemented a new phone system we told them about Simultaneous Ring. We were able to make the desk phone and the Sales Reps cell phone ring at the same time. So when a call came into to their extension, the Rep could answer the phone while in the office or their cell phone if away from their desk. They could even make their home phone ring as well. It made their availability go way up.

This solution solved quite a few problems

  • It meant the Sales Rep did not have to sit and wait for the “Important Call” and could go about their day. This helped them be more productive
  • The Sale Rep was much more available to give live answers to customers. If someone wants to buy something, they want it now.
  • Since the calls were going to a company phone number, and not the Reps cell phone directly, the company kept control over their customer base. A very import concern to them.

Can you see how this could help you increase sales?

We can provide this kind of solution for many of existing customers, and it doesn’t always need new equipment. It's not just for companies with many employees either, we can also provide this solution to individual business people. Why not give us a call to find out all the details?

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